Glowing Testimonials
for Return to Egypt

Testimonials, of course, are designed to show a business in the best possible light. Amazingly, however, the comments below are absolutely typical and representative of most of the comments we receive. It’s what we’ve come to expect. And we’re not satisfied with anything less.Either our clients are wonderful and very appreciative or they are having great egypt Adventures. Or both.

“First class...incredibly well organized…. We stayed in the most beautiful hotels…the food was fantastic… There was not one moment when I felt unsafe! Our guide was extremely well educated and well spoken (and fun!). His stories and comments at each site were enthralling. Our group was as memorable as the hotels/cruise ship and sites. We all became friends immediately – laughing, friendly teasing and helping one another. We have maintained contact with one another, and I am sure I will see some of my “Habibis" (beloveds) in the future! Egypt is even more amazing than I imagined."

Jack Bellinger

"Ever since my Sedona Soul Adventure seven years ago, I'd been longing to join Debra on her Return to Egypt trip. When all the stars finally aligned and I reserved my spot, I was anticipating a unique adventure. But what she and her partners with Guardian Travel delivered was truly amazing and beyond my wildest dreams! I can't express how supportive it felt going to a foreign country with EVERYTHING already taken care of. The transportation, the hotels, the dining, the excursions, the itinerary, the private entries & VIP treatment, our tour guides, and so much more were all expertly managed and well beyond any expectation. I felt completely safe and well taken care of the entire time. The iconic places I've only seen in books or online came alive in a way beyond description when visiting them in person. Whether cruising the Nile topside on a lounge chair, or hovering over the Valley of the Kings at 500 feet in a hot air balloon basking in the golden morning mist, or simply enjoying a lavish peaceful lunch with newly made friends overlooking lush sugar cane fields, every moment felt surreal and dreamlike. If you ever wanted to go to Egypt, traveling with Sedona Soul Adventures is the absolute best decision you could ever make! My heart is overflowing with gratitude, my dreams are filled with fond reminiscence, and my soul dances with a new expansiveness. Thank you Debra, Richard, Sedona Soul Adventures, and Guardian Travel!!"

Andrew Lukonis

"Travel opens the mind, but travel to Egypt with SSA opens the heart! SSA welcomes you into first class accommodations, secure and safe sightseeing and expert guides with private entry to the spellbinding Giza plateau! There just can’t be better attention to detail! This trip is forever imbedded on my soul!"

Joan Lewis

"I have now completed 3 trips to Egypt and one trip to Peru with Sedona Soul Adventures. I first took my daughter with me to Peru and this year we went to Egypt together! I now know Guardian Travel well and my friend Raafat who is the most beloved and professional guide in Egypt. This is a busy physical trip but worth all the fast pace so all can be seen and experienced. Because I trust SSA and because each time all was wonderful top to bottom I heartily endorse Sedona Soul Adventures. The most important concern for a woman traveling alone is safety and so far I have never felt unsafe at any time. The Egyptians are a kind and enthusiastic people. Every part of these trips is done professionally and each person involved in the planning and execution of the trips cares that all goes well. I cannot say enough positive praise to SSA, Debra and Guardian Travel. Everything is 5 star and amazing. All I can say are good things about all SSA accomplishes. Thank you for 4 amazing life experiences."

Ginger Wishik

This was my first visit to Egypt and it was so magical! I especially enjoyed hearing about the rich history from our tour guide, Rafaat. It was so fun to see the Sphinx up close and getting to explore inside the Great Pyramid was a very moving experience. Every place we went there were wonderous new sights and fabulous accommodations. I felt so well cared for every step of the way. People have asked me if I was nervous about going but I never once felt unsafe! I left my heart there and I can't wait to go back!!!

Anne Moore

I’ve traveled all over the world and I have to say my trip to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. It brought me into self realization and believing in myself. I now know in my heart that everything is possible. Even six months later, I’m still putting together pieces that happened there and applying them in my everyday life and growing every day.

Holly Kaplan

My visit to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was absolutely amazing! It was incredible to share this adventure with a group of like-minded people through SSA. I was able to fully take in the wonder and beauty of this historical and magical place because our travel partners arranged the journey’s details to make everything go so smoothly. I felt safe, secure and taken care of with Guardian Travel. The Egyptian people were so friendly, warm and welcoming–and so happy to see Americans visiting their country’s treasures! If the window of opportunity opens for you to make a journey to connect with Egypt, push it wide open! .

Diane Reynolds

The Egypt trip was wonderful. Amazing ruins, extraordinary energy. I felt completely safe. The trip was top rate, 5 star. Every need I had was taken care of. Guardian Travel is spectacular. I love traveling with other like-mind people. It really enhances the experiences.

Debra DiBiasi

I have never had a trip that was such a complete experience; mind, body, heart and soul. I really felt myself open to the deep quiet of Egypt and somehow, it changed my life

Jane Schafer

The trip was absolutely fantastic. The Egyptian people are so welcoming. I felt completely safe, protected, watched over, welcomed. Raafat is so knowledgeable and he was so patient with us. The Nile cruise was so fantastic, the hotels are wonderful. I have nothing to complain about, and that’s unusual!

Mary Brewer

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for inviting me on this life altering and most memorable journey to Egypt which you had meticulously put together. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and to have shared our energies. My calling from Egypt has been answered and my heart is now open more than ever. It is very difficult to summarize this magical journey but I will attempt to. My eyes have been adorned with such beauty from this ancient and historic land. My soul has been enlightened with some past experiences. My entire energy field is at such a higher vibration due to the exposure to all the magnificent sites we visited and the beautiful ceremonies we shared on this exquisite journey.I was instructed just before I was going into the entrance of the ‘Great Pyramid’ to charge up while I was in there. I not only charged up, I transformed during the beautiful ceremonies you facilitated Debra while we were in the Queen and King’s chambers. There was also another transformation that took place while I had a special visit with ‘Sekhmet’ the worrier lioness goddess! I feel she had been in my life for a very long time and now she has presented herself to me.

There are so many more wonderful experiences I had during this journey that I will have to write a book! In closing I need to express a very important message. EGYPT IS VERY SAFE!! Not once did I ever feel I was in any danger. Our tour guides at “Guardian Travel” were very protective over us and ensured our overall comfort from the very beginning as we arrived at Cairo airport to when we left to go back to the states. I would like to extend a special thank you to Mohammad, Raafat and Abdulla for making this such a special and safe journey! The education I received is priceless! Most of all the Egyptian people are very warm, gracious and loving and opened their hearts to us. At times I felt like a celebrity! The love I felt from Egypt and it’s people will remain in my heart forever!”

Diane Sardoni

Here we are back from our wonderful trip to Egypt. I finally have my feet on the ground and back to my “normal” life. I can’t tell you how much fun and exciting it was to be on this adventure with you and the rest of our group. It was wonderful making new friends and after a few days together it felt like we knew each other for a long time. Our times visiting the tombs, riding the camels, eating all the Egyptian food was fantastic. This was my first time on this kind of adventure and it was very emotional for me. As I explained to you, my experiences and the emotions I felt in two of the tombs that we visited.

Our guides were fantastic, I loved all of them. Mohammad, Raafat and Abdulla were the greatest. We were in good hands and felt very safe there. The people were very warm and friendly. I hope that I will be able to join you again sometime. I certainly crossed a couple of things off my “bucket list”. The ride in the hot air balloon was great. To see the Nile River and the surrounding area was great, especially seeing the sunrise. I could go on and on about the trip but I will stop at this point. I am sure that you will hear from others in our group and they will expound on how wonderful it was.”

Joan Kaczor

Before I start my testimonial I want to thank Debra for everything she did to make our trip special for all of us not only as a group but as individuals as well. Debra, Thank You!!!!. I will honestly say that I did not think I would enjoy a “group” trip as much as I did. I have never done traveling as a group before and for me to pick such a place not only as being so far from the states but to Ancient Egypt. When my friends started questioning me why did I want to go to Egypt, let me just say, I have never felt more safe, secure, or well taken care of in any of my travels as I did with this group of gentlemen (Mohammed, Raafat & Abdullah). From the minute we landed at Cairo and were greeted by Abdullah, to the bus where we met Mohammed one could not ask for anything better. As our journey began the next morning we met our guide Raafat who was our teacher, educator, mentor, protector, but most of all our new friend. He brought us to places that were spectacular and magical and knew everything about them. He went above and beyond what any group guide would do; he helped us with our dickering for our prices, he told us what was good vs what was not good or a fake, he even made special trips to markets or back to certain stores because we wanted more!. He truly was enthusiastic and passionate about his heritage. I felt as if I had known him prior to us even getting there and meeting him. Mohammed, of Guardian Travel, was awesome. He put together a spectacular 2 week trip that included everything and anything that one could see in that time span without getting ‘burnt out.’ He was right on with all of the arrangements to the different hotels, the flights, the cruise down the Nile, the Felucca ride. Everything went smoothly and as planned. And last but not least Abdullah. He was the man who hung behind w/ me when I walked slow or needed he. He was the man who got us our belongings we left on the bus (even after the bus dropped us off and left to park) and he was the man who led us through customs, and security and handled all of our bags from the minute we got to Cairo to the minute he and Mohammed left us at the gate when we departed. The whole trip was truly phenomenal! Debra did a great job in doing just the right amount of stuff every day. There are so many highlights for me from the camel ride to the Felucca sailing, to the Queens chamber in the Great Pyramid to my favorite hot air balloon ride and floating over the Nile at sunrise. My memories are truly unforgettable. But most of all The Return to Egypt February 2016 was most definitely my Journey of a Lifetime!!!

Linda Kaczor

In one word, ‘Majestic’ is how I would describe my Egyptian sacred travel experience with Sedona Soul Adventures. Combined with the expertise of Guardian Travel, our leader and tour guides managed to capture the warm elegance, mystery, and majesty of Egypt during our two-week expedition across the entire country. Sometimes you travel and feel like you missed out on something important. I can honestly say I have experienced ‘The Best of Egypt’ from the bustling cities and shops, to the quaint towns, beautiful desert vistas, lush serenity of the Nile, and rich history only Egypt can claim. Each activity, outing, restaurant, and experience was carefully and wonderfully executed. I felt completely safe every step of the way with virtually every need anticipated and granted. Egypt is a truly magical place, and I will forever be grateful I got to experience it with Debra (our fearless SSA leader), my intrepid travel companions, and our absolutely gallant tour ‘Guardians.’

Tiffany Smith

My fears were quickly washed away with going there with the warmth of the people, the beauty and mystery of the land. A truly magical experience. I had been drawn there for many years before and now was the perfect time to go. Sites were less crowded and it made it even more magical. So many times I had chills upon entering sacred spaces. The Cairo museum, my moments with Sekhmet was truly a life changing experience. The temples were mind blowing. The guards at the sites further enhance and transport the experience in their long robes. Many Deja vu moments and feelings like I had returned home flooded my senses. The smells, sights and love were there and I will never forget and now no longer regret that I did not go earlier.

I returned to a part of me that was my homeland a long time ago. Debra thank you for this life changing experience and working out the finest details to make this trip truly magical.

I felt totally safe and taken care of at all times. I would recommend going to anyone that has ever had the interest in going to go.

Teri Ulmer

This past February the Universe blessed me with a soul searching, life changing trip to Egypt. The moment I stepped outside those airport doors in Egypt I knew I had arrived home. The Egyptian people are ageless, timeless and fill your heart with a continuous glow. Our leader Debra along with our small group and outstanding tour guides made this a true five star adventure. Despite what you hear on the news about Egypt, I personally felt safer in Egypt than in the United States. After returning home from Egypt it literally took me six weeks to have my feet touch the ground again. There are seven wonders of the world and my trip to Egypt was one of the seven wonders of my life!!!

Shelly Pitts

Well everyone all I can say is this trip was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life especially because I felt very safe during the entire experience. The Egyptians were constantly saying to me in a positive way, ‘Please tell your American friends that we love America. Please tell everyone to come to Egypt soon. We not only want you to visit because we love Americans; tourism is down since four years ago and we are sad about that.’ They are kind and passionate people, respectful of any kindnesses shown them. Our group bonded so nicely and quickly and everyone in the group really wanted to see and feel everything about the culture. I believe that if one treats other cultures with respect one generally is treated equally if not better. I have been enamored with everything Egyptian my entire life-especially of the ancient world. I was never disappointed. The Guardian Travel guys were exemplary, extremely knowledgeable about everything I knew plus so much more. I tend to be a professional student of the ancient world, astronomical connections, and the comparative cultures and religions. We are all one on this beautiful planet and the ancient Egyptians knew that just as we should all already know. To see the grandiosity of the architecture, the ancient art, the detail always noted in stone was a miraculous experience. You think it’s grand on TV, wait till you experience the culture for yourself up close and personal.

We were able to see and experience much more than other tours I suspect because of connections our guides had as well as Debra’s profound experience of many trips to the beloved land. I felt at home there I believe because I have always embraced such spiritual places and am fascinated with how all of the historical cultures are so similar in many ways, especially in their “myths”/beliefs of creation, the afterlife, our possible connections to extraterrestrial origins…when one truly experiences the enormity of Egypt and its history and embraces it. I believe our entire life experience is touched and altered for the better.

This was the trip of my lifetime. If only it could have been longer! Riding a camel was a trip in itself! Everyone should do it once. The balloon ride was amazing. Experiencing each temple, visiting all the amazing museums, and incredible structures with their engraved histories in stone was a dream come true.

The hotels and the food was incredible. It was too much food for all of us – but a nice variety of dishes. The difficulty of the trip physically was not that demanding considering I have some impairments here and there and I did it. The dates of the trip are perfect-not too hot or too cold…just right! We all know how hot it can get there, but February was perfect.

No one made me write these remarks about my experience, I did just have a great time and have a greater respect for the country and its inhabitants than ever before. The Egyptians do really embrace Americans and really want all of us to partake in the mystical experience that is their beloved home-EGYPT. I hope one day to return. It would take years to see everything, but I know I was able to experience the most fantastic known and not well known places there with some great people. I wish I could’ve stayed a year. I have to say that nothing about the trip from doing ceremony in the Great Pyramid to experiencing the magnificence of Abel Simbel was disappointing. Money well invested! I hope you all are able to partake in the culture and people of this incredible country.

Ginger Wishik, MD

Debra, I had a spectacular time on your Egypt tour this past February. As you know, I travel all over the world and I found Egypt to be a very special place. Your itinerary was exceptional and I really loved the special and spiritual experiences.Our guide, Raafat, was truly an expert Egyptologist and it was a delight to learn so much in just two weeks.

I was also quite happy that I did not have to worry or be concerned in regard to personal safety issues as you had this well covered. I felt completely safe the entire time.

Just wanted to really thank you for such a great experience overall. I see why you go every year.

Linda Neal

I went to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures in February, and it was such a treat to visit all those incredible temples with no crowds! Everything was provided for, and everything was seamless. We had an Egyptologist with us to describe the history and point out amazing hidden details. Our logistics guide (whose house is right across the street from the Sphinx!) had every detail taken care of, which enabled us to relax and enjoy the experience without having to spend valuable time (not to mention the stress) navigating to find this or that. And we got to perform ceremonies in certain temples because there was no one else around! It was absolutely the trip of a lifetime, made all the more posh and convenient because of the political timing, ironically!

Elizabeth Stevens-Pande

It is difficult to articulate how absolutely wonderful this trip is. I remember reading the testimonials of previous travelers and thinking “OK, they’re just really excited and gushing.” Well now I’m a gusher. There is energy in Egypt that reminds me of the energy you feel in Sedona. The people, ALL the people, are incredibly warm and welcoming. Even the street vendors who follow us around, were happy we were there and excited when they heard we were “American”. Though the country is going through growing pains right now and the people are feeling the financial impact of this, they continue to be warm and welcoming ambassadors of their country, with that wonderful Arabic sense of humor. I cannot remember a time that I felt insecure or in danger here. And it is so true what has been said about this trip, you DO make new lifetime friends on this trip. Friends that in many cases are more like long lost family that you found again. Sedona Soul Adventures and Guardian Travel do an unbelievable job in coordinating and arranging the trip so that you only have to worry about what you want to buy to take home, and how long you want to luxuriate on the top deck of the boat during your river cruise. And come on, you’re in Egypt! You’re visiting places that are thousands of years old. You’re seeing all of those places you’ve only heard of. Whether you’re a strongly spiritual soul, or someone who is just starting to discover, you will feel impacted by this experience. In fact, I’m already making plans to return next year. Oh, and the best part, you get to ride camels!

Kim Holler

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to Egypt with Debra two years in a row. The country is so amazing–the energy is so high and I’ve felt drawn to so many of the temples and sites we were able to see. Because tourism in the country is slow, that makes it a really wonderful time to travel there and experience the pyramids, Karnak, Luxor and Aswan without the crowds that are usually there. The hotels and Nile Cruise were so incredibly beautiful. Guardian Travel is so wonderful and our tour guide made the trip unforgettable! I could go back year after year and still discover new things. I felt completely safe on both tours, the people were so warm and welcoming. Kudos to all involved in putting the trip together–our comfort, security and happiness were a priority. All of the travel arrangements were perfect. We never waited for a bus to be there, meals were great, and everyone was always more than willing to help out with anything we needed or answer any questions. And I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. Don’t wait to sign up for this amazing tour!

Betty Ann Dean

I went to Egypt with Debra in February and had an amazing time. The trip was safe, relaxing, educational, exciting and uplifting. I feel blessed to have been able to travel with such a friendly and caring group of people.

Barbara Munster

Our sacred ‘Return to Egypt’ with Sedona Soul Adventures was an amazing life-changing journey. Debra is a beautiful person and offered a world of insight with love and support and a genuine wish that we discover what it is we are seeking. The adventure was well organized and sought to provide us with optimal comfort throughout every aspect. Memories of this magical journey will warm my heart and soul long into the future.

Christine Wilkinson

Debra, I’m writing to thank you for an amazing trip to Egypt. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me. The trip to Egypt was truly the trip of a lifetime. The people were lovely and the food was delicious. I am forever changed by the experience. The journey went far beyond the physical distance from home. It was the inner journey that meant so much to me. I’m forever changed for the better. The group became more than just travel partners we became a loving family. I urge anyone who is thinking of visiting Egypt or any other destination that Sedona Soul Adventures offers to please go! You will be so happy you did.

May you continue to be blessed as you are a blessing to all of us!

Stephanie Morrison

I had the most wonderful time on my trip to Egypt with Debra in February. It was delightful and there were no crowds. We saw everything and took our time. I never felt unsafe for one minute. Please don’t let fear keep you from one of the most exciting adventures in your life. You will never regret your trip.

Joyce Eleanor

My name is Barbara. I am a Physician’s Assistant in Family Practice and a devoted fan of Sedona Soul Adventures and Debra! I recently returned from the Return To Egypt trip with Debra and a wonderful group of fellow travelers. I admit I had no idea how Egypt would affect me and frankly only signed up due to my previous “out of this world” experience in Peru last summer which exceeded all of my expectations. Egypt dropped me to my knees in love and gratitude! Egypt and its people are now lovingly cradled in my heart. It is a landscape of extremes, of awe inspiring antiquities and a magic I’ve never felt before on such an intense level. The hearts of the people I met were wide open to us. They are loving and generous. You can’t help but feel the infusion of Divinity, and this seemed to escalate on a daily basis. My Egypt experience is difficult to verbalize but it is still working on me on a cellular level. I am, even now, on the verge of joyful tears as I write this. I returned an improved version of me! So many pieces fell together. I see the world differently

We were introduced gently to the history of each temple, the numerous Pharaohs and Queens, Gods and Goddesses, mysteries and theories of this incredible country by Raafat, our ever present Egyptologist. I never felt unsafe but rather loved and coddled by Debra and Guardian Travel who worked with us and quietly behind the scenes to make our every outing easy and every dream realized! This trip was so well orchestrated. From bus rides to camels, horses , carriages, boats and planes and all without a hitch or wait! They thought of everything possible to enhance our Egyptian experience! I thank God everyday for bringing this adventure into my life. I know now that it is an integral part of my spiritual path. If I can help answer questions for anyone who is considering this trip please feel free to contact me.

Barbara Nadeau

In June, as Debra sits in the incredible energy of Peru and I sit in a very different energy at Game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoff, I reflect on the amazing, life shifting energy of our Egypt trip last February. As the lone male, I have never experienced such a high energy, high harmony, high synchronistic group, ever. This was my third trip to pyramids and the most extraordinary. Debra’s insight, organization and amazing spirit led a tour de force thru the Egyptian sands. As demonstrated by attending this hockey game, I have male energy. Debra was able to make me feel “like one of girls”. GO TO EGYPT. I love you Debra.

Todd Gerber

Everything about this [Egypt] trip was top notch. All of our accommodations, Guardian Travel, the cruise ship. All of these have made me feel extremely cared for and totally special. I must thank-you for such an amazing experience. I think you have a way of making each person feel this way and because I was a lost traveler I absolutely must say that Mohammed and you made me feel totally safe and confident to continue when I was overwhelmed. Thank-you for taking such care – there are just no words for it. The ceremonies are an absolute enhancement to an already special journey. These are your biggest attraction. What a gift to us to be able to experience these ceremonies. Soul food is what we came for and is what separates you from other tours. Thank-you again for nourishing my soul. I would definitely go on another soul adventure. Mine was an experience above and beyond my expectations. You sure know how to throw a party!!!!!!!!

Deborah Belsito

Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Egypt was magical and it definitely goes down as the best trip I’ve ever been on.

Rebecca Sellers

I have always dreamed of going to Egypt from a very young age, four to be exact. After going with Sedona Soul Adventures, I understand that I needed to be with like minded individuals and on my spiritual path to truly get out of the journey what I needed to. I wish I could go every year! It exceeded all of my expectations and desires.

Jennifer Sajnani

My trip to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was a truly magical experience. The activities, ceremonies, 5 star hotels, combined with a wonderful loving, giving group of people made this an experience I will always treasure. In addition, I have made some wonderful new friends. I would do it all over again. Great job!

Anne Beard

And it was… A Journey of a Lifetime, a Soul Adventure. Egypt was Breathtaking, Stunning, Overwhelming and completely exceeded all of my expectations! I brought home with me the kind smiles, loving hearts and dear friendships of my new Egyptian friends. Thank you Debra for a remarkable journey.

Patti Wickerd

Everything about the Egypt trip was incredible. And I loved the Egyptian people! I’m committed to “living like an Egyptian” and being more present.

Debra Bradford

My intentions for the trip to Egypt were just for an amazing adventure. I didn’t anticipate the incredible shift inside me that has taken place. I will be forever changed from the person who left JFK to fly to Cairo. The energy and excitement inside of me is contagious to all of my friends here as well. I’ve heard many times that I am a different person, and this difference is affecting those around me in such a positive way.

Kirsty Irvin

Debra & her staff go to great detail to make your Soul Adventure a trip of your lifetime. I have personally used them for 3 soul adventures — Sedona, Bali, & now Egypt….all were different but all were amazing in their own way. I have learned & grown personally. I have gotten to visit & “see” things differently than I would with any other tour group. I have my deposit down for Peru…Let’s go!!!

Laura Goetz

I have traveled to both Peru and Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures, and both were absolutely perfect. It is an incredible orchestration to plan trips like these, and everything, including unexpected events, were handled with ease and grace. My fellow tour members were a truly exceptional group of souls who taught me so much. What a beautiful opportunity to be with such amazing people in such transformative and stimulating journeys! I wish I could travel to dozens of places in the world with Debra and Sedona Soul Adventures.

We saw so many beautiful sites, we had beautiful and healing ceremonies, and we had so much fun! People have told me that I’m brave to travel with a group of people I’ve never met, and I say ‘Oh, but Sedona Soul trips are different. Such amazing people are drawn to these trips–it’s not like traveling with strangers, it’s like traveling with dear friends you haven’t seen in a long time.’ That is truly how I felt on both my Peru and Egypt trips.

Liz Stevens

Are there really enough numbers on the chart to rate a trip to Egypt hosted by Sedona Soul Adventures??? On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 10-10-10-10-10-10- get the picture? The spirits were high, the Gods and Goddesses spoke clearly, and many lives were touched and forever changed because of this trip. I did not want to leave. May you all have many blessing such as this, miracles are right in front of you. Thank you so much, Debra… I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Perkins

My trip to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was beyond words, truly a soul-adventure. It was extremely well thought out and we were very well taken care of. Doing ceremonies and the initiation process made it extra profound. I know I have been significantly transformed.

Liz Learmont

The Sedona Soul Adventures Egypt trip was the first organized trip my wife and I have ever been on and we have travelled a lot in our lives. I can say unequivocally that it was a masterpiece in all aspects. The trip was a definite 10. The whole group turned out to be superb and were perfect for the concept. The ceremonies were an important and essential part of the trip and my own highlight was the Great Pyramid and the Kings Chamber. I shall never forget this. I would highly recommend this adventure to all and everyone.

Larry Hale

Egypt through the eyes of Sedona Soul Adventures, with the support of Guardian Travel, was truly a journey of a lifetime. The people, the places and the spirit of the land will truly touch your heart and soul. And the connections you will make with your fellow travelers may last a lifetime. Thank you, Debra for bringing this wonderful opportunity into our lives.

Thomas Felix

My journey to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was profound, revealing, healing, magical and full of mysterious intrigue, what more could one ask for? Like a really great book or movie with an awesome soundtrack and great cinematography, the script was even better…and we actors were pretty darn good too. I nominate “Return to Egypt” for 5 Academy Awards, including “Best Spiritual Vision Quest” of the year! Thank you again for one of my top best experiences of my lifetime!

Thomas Felix

My trip to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was fabulous ..better than I ever dreamed possible. All aspects from hotels…meals …great guides …very well planned day to day with plenty of time to muse and absorb so much beauty…on so many levels …I would go again – no hesitation ..Kudos to Debra .. and all the planning that went into making it a smooth journey for everyone !!!

Wendy Smith

Sedona Soul Adventures made my Return To Egypt, just that – a return to home. I felt welcomed everywhere I went and I really enjoyed the ceremonies and the group that I was blessed to share this adventure with. Namaste

Shania Domingo

Thank you Debra from the bottom of my heart for arranging such an incredible and unforgettable journey through ancient Egypt. It has affected my life in ways that are still pleasantly unfolding. The gifts (intangible) that I have received from you and my fellow travelers, our wonderful Egyptian guide, and Guardian Travel will live on forever. My next trip will be to Sedona, where I am sure my spiritual journey will continue to evolve.

Linda Hallberg

My trip to Egypt was a 10+ and the most valuable personal experience of my life. My favorite part of the trip was the spiritual well being and the give and take of everyone there. Not only our group but everyone I personally dealt with. The hotels were very nice and the people at each one were wonderful. The ceremonies were powerful and wonderful. I found out things about me I would not have known without this adventure.

Sherry Mitchell

The Return to Egypt trip was a magnificent experience for me not only because I was able to travel to one of the most magical places in the world but also because Debra really went out of her way to make sure the trip was as flawless as possible. Thank you Debra for that wonderful journey, I will cherish it in my heart forever.

Karla Solano

I had always wanted to go to Egypt and I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect way to visit that ancient land. My husband and I went with Sedona Soul Adventures and were delighted with an amazing experience in Egypt as we visited many temples, pyramids, sacred sites, local markets, rode camels and so much more. I especially loved the boat trip up the Nile. The Guardian Travel guides were friendly, informed, protective and so helpful. When the US airline lost my luggage (on my way to New York), 2 of our guides even escorted me to their local mall. A great bonus experience! Our trip was so well organized and complete. I felt perfectly safe at all times and by the end of the journey I had made wonderful friends in both countries. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Christine Ryan-Schmierer

Sedona Soul Adventures has allowed me to reach into my heart and expand it in ways I have only dreamed about. They (and the work they do) are truly responsible for significant leaps in my spiritual growth, education and awareness. I have superior gratitude for my Egyptian experience.

Laura McConnell

Tim and I loved our Soul Adventure to Egypt! It was awe-inspiring to see the great pyramids and temples and to experience the incredible ceremonies and energies in these special places. We were continually amazed at the unbelievable engineering feats that were accomplished thousands of years ago yet still cannot be explained. Sedona Soul Adventures and Guardian Travel took care of everything and made the trip so easy as well as providing the opportunity to experience things other groups only dream about, such as going inside the Great Pyramid!

Kate & Tim Moynihan

This was my first (but not my last) experience traveling with Sedona Soul Adventures and it gave me memories for a lifetime The way I was taken care of was intimate yet comfortable, friendly yet private and completely honest and open. I had the thrill of a lifetime visiting Egypt in a way I could never have done on my own. I was taken care of down to the last detail with lots of special touches added. Bless you, Debra.

Georgianna Anderson

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