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Explore the mysteries
of ancient Egypt and
connect with her
incredible energies

Our focus is on creating spiritual awakenings and initiations, but the practical details of the trip are all first-rate: five star accommodations, amazing ceremonies, the very best that Egypt offers.

Feel safe and secure with people who really know Egypt – Guardian Travel and your intrepid Tour Leader, (and founder of Sedona Soul Adventures) Debra Stangl – this will be Debra’s 24th (!) trip to Egypt! And we plan everything around you — making sure that this is the trip of a lifetime!

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Get Our Beautiful Report "Mysterious Egypt

Learn about the incredible sites, the history and the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt


Limited to 28 guests

The Sacred Tour

Feb 19 – Mar 3, 2024

Limited to 18 guests

The Sacred VIP Tour

Mar 4 - 17, 2024

Plus these fabulous add-ons exclusively on this tour:

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All of our trips in the past few years have sold out. Place your deposit now for the Sacred Tour or the Sacred VIP Tour

Here’s What We Suggest…

Get Our Beautiful Report "Mysterious Egypt